Freight Transportation

We concentrate on what we do best.

There are hardly any goods that our company hasn’t already transported. Our location provides us a unique advantage: HVLE is at the intersection of important east-west and north-south national and international transport routes.

Freight transport in mainline and commuter rail systems is HVLE’s main business today. As a private rail transport company, we offer our customers highly-efficient, top-quality custom-made transport solutions.

Mainline Transportation (national/international)

  • We cover all areas of rail freight services. We have special areas of expertise in heavy duty (bulk freight) as well as with dangerous goods and specialized types of transport.
  • We are en route throughout Germany every day of the year. We provide international transportation to bordering European countries, especially to Poland and the Czech Republic.

Transportation and Shuttles in Rapid Transit

  • Local control of trains and wagon sets in the Berlin metropolitan area
  • Delivery of suburban trains, subways, and special purpose vehicles
  • Know-how for the implementation of waste disposal and other specialized transportation as well as test drives for industry

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