Repair Service

Your nearby service center

HVLE has a large locomotive hall in Berlin-Spandau, with two 60m-long tracks and modern workshop equipment. Our customers can have their locomotives and freight wagons inspected, repaired and maintained by our qualified service technicians here.

In addition, we offer our “mobile repair center” service: We examine defective vehicles which are en route, and, when possible, repair them immediately at their present location.


  • Maintenance & repair of locomotives
  • Maintenance & repair of freight wagons
  • Technical inspections
  • Fuel-filling for locomotives
  • Track rental for locomotives and wagons for short or long-term removal from service

Service center infrastructure Berlin Spandau:

  • The workshop is heated and has lateral and ceiling ventilation
  • The maintenance facility for inspecting the underside of vehicles has 2x40m heated by-pass channels incl. an oil separator, all of which conforms to the highest environmental standards
  • Crane rails over two 60m track lengths with 12.5 tons load capacity
  • Lifting jacks/hoisting gear (4 units), each with a lifting capacity of 25 tons
  • Welding facilities which can perform electric and autogenous welding
  • A variety of drills and lathes/special tools for repairs
  • Supply of a whole range of oils/lubricants for different types of locomotives’ motors/transmissions
  • Fuel-filling for locomotives - 100,000 liters of diesel fuel in stock

Service center infrastructure Wustermark/Elstal:

  • The factory is heated and ventilated above
  • 2 tracks with 60m each including working pit
  • Lifting blocks / lifting devices (4 pcs.) Each with a lifting load of 6,5t
  • Welding system with possibilities for electrical and autogenous welding
  • Various drilling and lathing machines / special tools for repair
  • Stock of different oils / lubricants for different engines / gearboxes
  • Mobile service, gas forklift