History of HVLE

1892 17 Aug The “Osthavelländische Kreisbahnen AG” was founded in 1892 by the cities of Nauen and Ketzin, the county of Oberhavel and several sugar factories in the surrounding area.
1893 14 Mar Granted unlimited concession for land use
04 Oct Beginning of operation of the Nauen-Ketzin local railway
13 Dec Connection with the Prussian State Railroad’s Berlin-Hamburg line in Nauen
1904 Signaling and Control for the Westhavelländischen Kreisbahnen for the Röthehof-Brandenburg line
1909 01 May Assumed control of operations of the Nauen-Velten-Berlin/Spandau local railway
1912 01 May Completion of the track section to the present day Johannesstift station in Berlin/Spandau
1923 08 Jan First drive of tramline 120 from Berlin/Spandau to Hennigsdorf
1924 Expansion of the route system through the purchase of several routes in the counties of Havelland/Oberhavel
1943 Renaming of the company to “Osthavelländische Eisenbahn AG”
1946 09 Sep The Soviet Military Administration in Germany orders the seizure/expropriation of the routes/railway properties in the Soviet occupation zone and subsequent conversion into GDR national wealth/use by the DR “Deutsche Reichsbahn”
1948 30 Nov The British military government orders the seizure of the assets found in Berlin/Spandau according to Allied Control Council law Nr. 52
1950 01 Apr Administration of the OHE is put in trust of the BVG/Berliner Verkehrs-Gesellschaft
21 Aug Suspension of the passenger transport rail line on the Berlin/Spandau-Nauen route
1952 03 Jun Suspension of omnibus passenger transport between Berlin/Spandau and the city limits (Schönwalde)
1956 01 Jun Administration of the OHE is put in trust of the Senator for Transport Policy
1972 12 Apr As a result of the Legal Entities-Liquidation Law, the remaining business unit in Berlin/Spandau is renamed “Osthavelländische Eisenbahn Berlin-Spandau AG”
1973 New construction of the present day OHE headquarters at the Johannesstift station: one large administration building and one modern locomotive service center
1950 – 1997 Restriction of rail freight traffic to the Berlin-West region: Transport of coal for the BEWAG power plant in Oberhavel and operation/provision of military supply trains for the British troops are the main sources of income; connections service for a variety of other customers is also offered
1997 Reorientation of the company - begin of regional and countrywide rail freight transport
01 May “Return to Havelland” - Opening of the OHE Ketzin location expands business operations into areas formerly serviced
1998 The company name was changed back to “Osthavelländische Eisenbahn AG”
1999 Assumed control of operations of the Wustermark/ Berlin-West cargo transport center
2000 Purchase of the first mainline locomotive
2001 Discontinuation of coal transport due to BEWAG’s closure of the Oberhavel power plant
2002 01 Apr Acquisition of the Premnitz industrial railway
20 Apr Start of regularly scheduled building materials transport with long distance locomotives
2004 01 Jan Acquisition of Bombardier’s industrial railroad in Hennigsdorf (near Berlin). Bombardier is one of the world’s leading locomotive/motor vehicle makers
2005 01 Apr Start of transport of limestone for a leading German calcium carbonate producer, with service of the Rübelandbahn steep line in the Harz Mountains
01 Jun Start of transport of municipal waste for a leading German waste management company
2006 Changed corporate form to Havelländische Eisenbahn Aktiengesellschaft (HVLE)
2008 Acquisition of the Wustermark switchyard through the newly founded Rail & Logistics Center Wustermark GmbH & Co. KG (rlcw) with a majority interest of HVLE
2009 Start of international transport
2010 Expansion of international transport Development of an optimized bulk carriage (Faccns) with pneumatic discharge
2011 Beginning of training program as an industrial mechanic (CIC) with further qualification for drivers
2012 ECM – Management, Development CRM – Software
2014 Receipt Safety Certificate Part A and Part B - Safety Management System (SMS)
2016 Opening location Celle with outposts Bomlitz and Mesmerode
Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) and DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 (energy management)
2017 Certification SQAS – Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability
2018 17 Dec Company headquarters relocated to 14641 Wustermark OT Elstal